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Definitive solution to environment hygiene with Knick’s Cleanean!

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What is Knick’n’Clean?

Knick’n’clean is a chlorine-based sterilization product that cleanses bacteria and viruses, prevents the formation of fungus and mold, effective against bad odors, and recommended by WHO to be used in the fight against the new type of coronavirus epidemic Sars-CoV-2. It is 99% effective against many viruses and pathogens including Sars-CoV-2.

How to Use Knick’n’Clean?

The Knick’n’clean hygiene stick should be bent and the glass tube should be broken, upon the breaking sound, the active substances in the rod are mixed together by shaking for 5 to 10 seconds, for the substances to interact, after mixing as a result of turning into yellow color, it is kept at room temperature for 1 hour, activated Knick’n’clean is ready to be used. The liquid in the Knick’s clean hygiene stick starts to spread to the environment as a gas and it maintains its effectiveness against all bacterial organisms in question, in cold areas for 45-60 days, at ambient temperature for 15-20 days, for areas of 10-15 m2.


– It should be stored and used out of the reach of children
– The plastic tube should not be damaged.
– In case of physical contact with the liquid (HAND-EYE), the nearest health institution should be consulted.
– After the color of the liquid in the tube becomes transparent, it should be replaced with a new one.


  • Germany BAUA No: N-25121
  • Approved according to the European Food Safety Agency EFSA 4388 declaration.
  • Approved by the University of Hannover.

01 Salmonella Bacteria observed in the refrigerator before using Knick Clean

02 Salmonella Bacteria observed after using Knick Clean in the refrigerator



It is suitable for hand-arm bag, backpack, laptop bag, school bag, luggage in daily life and acts as a preventive for infectious diseases.


Knick’n’clean is also used in vehicles, one of the areas of daily activity. According to the results of the studies conducted in 2011 at Queen Mary University in England, there is a much higher risk of viruses and bacteria in vehicle environments compared to other living areas. While there are 700 types of bacteria on a steering wheel, the total number of viruses and bacteria in the vehicle reaches 21 billion. In this context, Knick’n’clean is the most effective solution for in-car sterilization.


Certified by the European Food Safety Agency EFSA. It does not harm the food in the refrigerator in any way. It destroys the inorganic particles of fresh vegetables and fruits, prevents the formation of fungus and mold, protects against bacteria and extends the shelf life. All that needs to be done is to hang or attach it to the most suitable area within the refrigerator.
For the approval statement :Click here


Knick’n’clean, which is the most effective solution for possible bacteria in clothing and shoe cabinets and organisms present in kitchen cabinets, has an effect on an area of 10-15 m2 with an average life of 15-20 days.It is effective for Sars-CoV-2 and many similar viruses as well as removing bad odors. With its diffusion, it sterilizes the air and helps for healthier living spaces.


Knick’n’clean can be used at home, as well as in office and workplaces in the same way and with the same features. Knick’n’clean, which is used effectively as a protector in foyer areas, common meeting areas, dining halls, toilets and bathrooms, elevators and kitchen and kitchen cabinets, plays an important role in creating safer working spaces.


According to the research conducted by the USA based Fitrated with EmLab P&K, evaluations were made on a total of 27 instruments from 3 different gyms. It was determined that treadmills, bicycles and weights were common use devices that contain the most microbial organisms. In addition, previous research has revealed that viruses named RINOVIRUS and MRSA are found in the common areas of locker rooms, showers and other areas. Knick’n’clean reveals a protective effect against these viruses with the active ingredients it contains and ensures the sterilization of such areas. It provides environment disinfection with its spread and helps in creating hygienic areas.

Asked Questions


Knick’n’clean is not harmful to human health with the chlorine dioxide it emits into the environment after it is used. (However, physical contact is definitely not recommended to sniff at close range.)


Knick’n’clean; After being activated by bending, the hygiene fluid inside begins to spread to the environment as gas. It does not require any kind of battery or electricity.


The hygiene stick should be bent once, you can start shaking the product with the breaking sound that will be heard after this bending and you can mix the active ingredient. Do not bend 2 times.


The usage time may vary depending on the ambient temperature. Knick’n’Clean can be used for 15-20 days and 30-45 days if in the refrigerator.


Knick’s Clean hygiene stick used in clothing and shoe cabinets is not recommended for use in refrigerators or kitchen cabinets, it is healthier and more beneficial to have separate products for such areas.


It does not pose a problem for the elderly and babies, provides environment sterilization and is healthy. However, it should be located in places where children and babies should not reach.


Knick’n’clean is produced first in Germany as origin and now is produced in Turkey and exported to Europe under Chemy guarantee.


Knick’n’Clean can be used in hand-arm bag, backpack, school bag, laptop bag and luggage in daily use.


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